Career Paths for Those with a Master’s Degree in Kinesiology and Sport Management

//Career Paths for Those with a Master’s Degree in Kinesiology and Sport Management
  • master's degree in kinesiology and sports management

Behind every great game and superstar athlete in sports, there are people who manage the business of sport.

People who earn a master’s degree in kinesiology and sport management learn about working in this often unseen side of the sports business. They may not be throwing the touchdowns or hitting the home runs, but they are supporting the best athletes in the world in doing so.

But the jobs with this degree go beyond that. Here are some of the careers a graduate from an online kinesiology and sports management degree program are prepared to take on.

Athletic Directors

A master’s degree opens the door to the best jobs in the sports field. Coaches and teachers increasingly are using a master’s degree to qualify for leadership positions. This includes those who work at schools as well as those who work in community centers, designing programs that help people include more wellness activities in their lives.

Event Planning

Sports event planning is one of the biggest jobs in sports management for consultants. Sports events require expertise in highly specialized areas. Anyone who has even been to a sports game – or a big event such as the Super Bowl or World Series – knows the amount of preparation needed to get ready for these types of events. Sports management graduates, especially those with a master’s degree, are perfectly positioned to take on these jobs.

Athletics Administration

This is another key area in sports. Athletic administrators guide the financial fortunes of sports programs and individual teams. They identify the type of employees an organization needs and making hiring decisions. They also oversee major decisions for a team or organization. At the collegiate level, they need expertise in the rules governing college sports and ensure that a university adheres to those rules.

Sports continues to be a growing area for employment. With a master’s degree, graduates are prepared for some of the top jobs in the field. And with the availability of online programs, it’s never been easier to earn a degree while also maintaining busy personal and professional schedules.


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