5 MPH Career Options

//5 MPH Career Options
  • 5 MPH Career Options

When you earn an online Master of Public Health degree from USD, you’ll have many MPH career paths to choose from.

MPH Career Choices

Whether you work in a healthcare facility, government office or large corporation, the education requirements are exceeding the bachelor’s degrees previously considered sufficient. Below, we list our favorite MPH career opportunities.

Health services manager

Job description: Health services managers work in healthcare facilities like hospitals and nursing homes. Here, they plan and coordinate health services by supervising staff, creating work schedules, monitoring budgets, and ensuring the facility meets the latest legal and technological standards.
Average salary: Typically, these professionals earn about $96,540 per year, the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) states.
Job outlook: The number of jobs for health services managers is expected to grow by 17 percent through 2024, the BLS reports. This means excellent employment opportunities for these professionals.


Job description: Epidemiologists analyze the patterns, causes, and impacts of human disease and injury. While working for governments, in hospitals, or at colleges, they then strive to reduce negative health outcomes through education, research, and policy updates. Typically, these professionals hold an advanced credential, such as a traditional or online MPH.
Average salary: These public health employees earn an average of $70,820 per year, the BLS reports.
Job outlook: The number of jobs for epidemiologists is predicted to grow by 6 percent through 2024, according to the BLS.


Job description: Biostatisticians analyze and gather data that shows how various factors impact the health and well-being of living creatures. This could involve studying anything from how an oil spill impacted the environment to how effective a new drug was at treating a certain disease. With such a wide variety of problems to study and solve, biostatisticians can work in many different environments, including government agencies, medical corporations, agricultural firms, and pharmaceutical companies.
Average salary: In general, statisticians tend to earn about $80,500 per year, the BLS reports. However, this varies greatly depending on where they work. Those who choose an MPH career with the federal government, for example, tend to earn about $100,750, while those who work in colleges earn about $71,070 per year.
Job outlook: The BLS states that in the coming years, there will be a growing number of jobs that require strong statistical skills. For statisticians in general, the number of jobs is projected to rise by 34 percent through 2024.

Health educator

Job description: Health educators work in hospitals, colleges, businesses, and government offices to teach others how to live healthy lives. Generally, this involves showing students how to manage health conditions, planning events to teach people about health topics, accessing the health needs of the community, and training other health professionals. To become a health educator, you typically need a bachelor’s degree; however, many positions now demand a master’s of public health.
Average salary: The average salary for these professionals varies greatly based on where they work. For example, hospital health educators earn around $62,650 annually, while government educators earn about $55,110 annually, the BLS states.
Job outlook: The number of jobs for health educators is projected to grow by 12 percent through 2024, according to the BLS. In other words, job opportunities should be excellent for these public health professionals

Social and community service manager

Job description: Social and community service managers supervise other social service employees in nonprofit organizations, private companies, and government agencies. This involves writing proposals for funding, managing budgets, analyzing data to improve existing programs, and identifying potential problems in services. Today, most social and community service managers are expected to have an advanced degree, such as a traditional or online MPH.
Average salary: The salary for these MPH career choices vary based on where they work, the BLS states. For instance, social and community service managers who work in government tend to earn about $75,790 per year. Those who work in nursing and residential care facilities earn about $60,320 per year.
Job outlook: Prospects look good for those working as social and community services managers. According to the BLS, the number of jobs for these professionals is expected to rise by 10 percent through 2024.


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